DIGNITY ACTION DAY – Are you ready?

A special date for this week. 1st February is Dignity Action Day. I shall be posting each of the ' 10 Dignity Do's' over the next 10 days. Wishing all fellow Dignity Champions  well with the various activities you may have organised through out the UK over the next coming days/weeks. (...and don't forget the … Continue reading DIGNITY ACTION DAY – Are you ready?



  Todays available vacancies can now be seen on the job board. Weymouth Poole Kentish Town Wakefield  If You are a Care Worker who is available you can submit your details and experience on our job board, here. If you are looking for your own carer you can submit your requirements and who you are … Continue reading JOB VACANCIES…

Working within care…Todays Vacancies.

Just a quickie ~ Todays vacancies include, A Support worker required in Worcester. A Support worker/care assistant required in the Midlands. An NVQ Assessor (Health & Social Care) required for the South West   Happy applying    

Hello April x

Spring and....brrrrrr!!! A bit on the chilly side today, but thankfully the sun is shining. Another exciting month ahead and one of my aims is 'not to slip on the anti slip bathmat and not to trip over the anti slip bathmat'!!! ( I am on the look out for alternatives so , any ideas … Continue reading Hello April x


A quick reminder, yes it is this weekend they go forward. Don't forget to check if you are out on visits this evening. Thank you to those working over the Easter weekend. They weather is , well, yuk! so, a double thank you. xx

CQC inspection reports on 114 adult social care services in the North of England

CQC inspectors publish reports on 114 adult social care services in the North of England   In the past week the Care Quality Commission has published a further 114 reports on the quality of care provided by adult social care services across the North that have been inspected under its new approach. Following recent inspections … Continue reading CQC inspection reports on 114 adult social care services in the North of England

New resources to support core skills of social care workers -Skills for Care

New resources to support core skills of social care workers Great news over the weekend from Skills for care. They have launched new resources to support the core skills of social care workers . Heres what they have to say.... Core skills include English, number, digital and employability skills such as problem solving and time … Continue reading New resources to support core skills of social care workers -Skills for Care

CQC inspections weekly, Jan 2016. – 70 adult social care services in the North of England

Here are the latest  CQC inspections for the past week –on 70 adult social care services in the North of England ‘Full reports on all 84 inspections are available at CQC Click on each name in blue to take you to their reports. Adult Social Care services by local authority area and rating: Alzheimer's Society - … Continue reading CQC inspections weekly, Jan 2016. – 70 adult social care services in the North of England

Wisdom Wednesday.

You have two hands. One for helping yourself and the other for helping others. ~Audry Hepburn. Such beautiful words and how true for you. Each day, there is someone, someone where, helping another to start the day. To help them get through the day and to rest comfortably when the day becomes night. Thank you … Continue reading Wisdom Wednesday.

Hoists and slings

Hoists and slings. In my research for upto date information on hoists and slings, I came across a huge amount of information available and none more so important  than from HSE. Employers and employees would be wise in bookmarking this site which covers all you need to know regarding health and safety. There can be … Continue reading Hoists and slings


Loneliness. This morning I find the John Lewis Christmas advert has been released. 'Man on the Moon'. As always it is beautiful and very emotional. Very often we all see and get different things when our emotions surface. Today this advert reinstated for me ,that loneliness is something which is with many..everyday, not just at … Continue reading Loneliness.

Self Directed e-courses.

  Getting the right training is imperative when taking on the role as a care worker/ care supporter. Personally, I feel it is our duty to ensure we have the correct training ‘before’ carrying out any visits on our own. It may sound like common sense, but I can’t stress enough the importance of knowledge … Continue reading Self Directed e-courses.

‘Wisdom Wednesday’!

  Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow~ aa I love quotes and sayings that resonate with an individual. Quite often they can appear  unexpectedly and at a time when you need to see them most. On that note and keeping it brief on a cheeky 'Wisdom Wednesday', thank you for doing … Continue reading ‘Wisdom Wednesday’!

Time for visits.

One of the many 'bug bears' for many care workers delivering home care is the amount of time they are 'scheduled' for carrying out a visit. It could be too long or too short. This will then have a knock on effect to the  rest of your scheduled visits. Quite often, especially when it is … Continue reading Time for visits.

CARE ACT 2014…

THE CARE ACT 2014, is something we should all get familiar with and it covers everything you need to know, the hows, the wherefores and the what to do's. There is an 'Easy Read' Version and the more in depth version. Here are the links to take you straight there.         As … Continue reading CARE ACT 2014…

Dementia Friends …

I would like to continue to pass on details and information for anyone who would like to become a Dementia Friend. You just may be surprised by how much you can do. Talking about dementia with friends, visiting someone you know with dementia, being a bit more patient if someone is needing more time in … Continue reading Dementia Friends …


  Welcome to Looking For Carers. I certainly hope you will find this beneficial and in due course a great resource. Looking for Carers is a free classifieds site for those who are looking to fulfill their own care needs and experienced carers who are looking to provide care on a private basis with in … Continue reading WELCOME