THANK YOU…two words of generosity.

while-some-still-sleep3‘Be generous with your words…they will inspire others to be the best they can be.’ – Catherine Pulsifer.

We all have days when we are full of ‘positive thoughts’ and a whole load of  Mary Poppins “spit , spot”! The days when there is no stopping you, its all going to plan and you are on schedule with your visit’s  ( even with a few added as the day goes). You know the one’s I mean.

During the day you may have supervision or may be you have had someone shadow you as they get used to the life as a carewoker on their new journey. Meeting many people they will be helping and becoming familiar with what to do in each visit.

Very often the ‘kindhearted careworker’ will carry on regardless. Passing on their experience , supporting co workers and over time , it becomes a very unique team to be a part of.

‘Thank you’s’ aren’t expected by the individual but here’s an idea…

…in a profession which can feel quite lonely at times , why not throw in a heartfelt  THANK YOU each day.

To your co worker in a double up visit. To the new careworker who is steadily finding their feet. To the team who can have a minefield of a job trying to programme the visits, so each person is cared for and having to make ‘the call’ to see if you can cover any extras.

THANK YOU to ones who take on the extra visits, ensuring no one is missed. THANK YOU for struggling through traffic, poor weather, early mornings, late nights to continue to care with in the community and for your own families when you get home.

THANK YOU…two words of generosity. Two words of inspiriation. Two words which can in an instant change you perspective on what you do.

You are the BEST you can be.







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