copy-of-hi-im-louise-i-adored-my-time-as-care-support-worker-for-many-years-it-is-now-time-to-help-guide-encourage-support-youMost will begin their search with local care agencies .

Your local paper, word of mouth…pretty much everything goes.

I came into the world of care by a good old fashioned ‘flyer’ which appeared on my doormat one morning!

These days,  you can begin  an endless search through various avenues of job sites online.

Quite often , I post a few of the vacancies which I find via indeed. At the moment they tend to have pretty much immediate vacancies posted for all aspects of carework. It is worth a look just to see what there is out there.


But what if you want to become self employed?

Here are a few things to consider (there are more!) before you begin a wonderful and fulfilling journey.

Take your time to think things through and research as much as you can to make sure it is the right way you would like to continue.




Take into account any traveling costs.

Take into account your own living costs or if it will affect any benefits you may be in receipt of.



how-many-hours-would-you-like-to-work_Consider how many hours you are prepared to work…daily, weekly.

Consider if you are prepared to be available for weekends, mornings, evenings, live in,bank holidays etc.



3Employed by your client.

Self employed.

Setting up a limited company.

Forming a partnership.


4Will I need to register.

For a full insight as to whether you should register, please visit their website.




5SELF EMPLOYED CARER: You are required by law to have public liability insurance in place and personally be held responsible for any compensation claims. This would still be a good idea even if you are employed directly by your client.

EMPLOYED BY YOUR CLIENT: It is their responsibility to ensure the correct insurance is in place.



6SELF EMPLOYED: You will need to provide a contract of what you will do and how you will do it.

EMPLOYED BY YOUR CLIENT: Ensure it covers employment rights.




7Can be applied for from





8For information regarding taxes etc…



Quite a bit to think through eh? You just may find it is worth it. There are plenty of ladies and gentlemen preferring to have a ‘personnal assistant’. Whether it’s arranged by themselves or their families , many prefer the familiarity of their own careworker.