I’m Louise and I’d like to tell you a little bit about how the Carers Coffee Pot has come together and in order for me to do that, I feel it is necessary and only courteous to share with you my experience and why we are both here.

For 9 years I was a community support worker. I adored it.

During that time I got to know and work alongside the most dedicated people within a beautiful seaside town in Dorset.

I worked out in the community, within residential homes when needed and thoroughly enjoyed my time as Acting Officer for a while, ensuring the quality of care was instilled and (I hope) listened to and supported fellow colleagues during that time.


Sadly, my time come to an end due to an ever weakening back injury. ‘Unfit to do the job’ wasn’t what I wanted to hear, even though I knew it was right.You care for others

A few years have passed and I wanted to do something for you!

There is a huge network of care support through out the UK and indeed worldwide. However, when it comes to ‘professional careworkers’ they can be few and far between.

You know what it is like – we help each other out, maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of visits. But, do you really feel comfortable saying, ‘I have found it really hard going today because….’

There are judgements placed upon ourselves and even the thought process of  ‘if I admit I’m struggling at work, they will see it as a weakness’, is still very commonplace today.

Angels are human too…and you do need to offload. Your officer/manager/supervisor are there for you…as am I.

This is YOUR quiet corner…

I will listenI will bring my own experiences of care to the ‘table’ Some happy and some sad moments.

I will also bring you the training of a Crisis Counsellor and Bereavement .

I will look at something called Compassion Fatigue, I think you may relate to this and don’t even realise.

By helping you to find ways to look after yourself in order to continue to look after others is also on my ‘to do list’.

You can schedule a private chat if you don’t want others to know what is troubling you.

Or you can  send an email to me and it will just be between the two of us.


In no way is the Carers Coffee Pot to be used to replace your supervision and any health concerns you have, please get in touch with your own GP.

I am  here ,merely as peer support and getting through the good days and the bad, together.

So let’s do this…together.



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