Self Directed e-courses.


Getting the right training is imperative when taking on the role as a care worker/ care supporter. Personally, I feel it is our duty to ensure we have the correct training ‘before’ carrying out any visits on our own. It may sound like common sense, but I can’t stress enough the importance of knowledge and protection for both yourself and the lady or gentleman you may be assisting.

Over the weeks, I shall be looking at various self directed e-courses that are accessible online and ‘free’,  which will help you to provide the high standard of care with dignity, which should be delivered.

In no way are these courses to replace the training you recieve from your employers, they are merely for you to enhance your understanding and further your ability and awareness.

You can look into it  too…its fascinating what you come across and not only will it help you within your professional role but also on a personal self help basis.
They are invaluable.


The Social CareInstitute for Excellence also known as SCIE have excellent e-learning resources.
The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) improves the lives of people who use care services by sharing knowledge about what works.
We are a leading improvement support agency and an independent charity working with adults’, families’ and children’s care and support services across the UK. We also work closely with related services such as health care and housing.

There are so many to look at a great selection of free courses.

I have highlighted a course for Reablement which is something that has been introduced over recent years. In the beginning reablement required an individual to refresh their approach in order for it to be effective. A change of mindset from the traditional role as a careworker.

Its quite simple, you are there to ‘assist’ not ‘do’ everything for the person you are reabling.
For a better understanding of reablement including motivational techniques it can only enhance your skills.

Use this resource to find out about reablement, how it differs from home care and intermediate care, and why and how the service should be delivered.
The resource modules are free to view and/or download in all formats.

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