A ‘dementia detective’..?

eachday,newunderstanA dementia detective..?

I’ve been at it again…this is the module I chose to work through this week. Took about 30mins including the self assessment I filled in at the end ( just for my own record of understanding!)

Again it certainly has been  a refresher. It can be so easy to fall into a situation you are faced with each day and take a generic approach to handling it. yes , we need the basic tools as a foundation, but from thereon in, it becomes unique to each individual.

We must remember, with each day, brings new understanding.

It is only through each experience, that we can begin to understand how to communicate, understand needs, behaviour and how to  confirm our understanding with each other through our own approach and of course, where there is a team of you, to ensure each of you are aware of approaches used in order for there to be consistant care.

This is an “Open Dementia e-learning Programme Published: 2009” ( due for an update Autumn2016) free, from SCIE and put together with the Alzheimers Society.

Module 7: Positive communication

Positive communication

Covers: Helping a person with dementia understand our message; Helping a person with dementia make themselves understood; Communicating with people experiencing a different reality; The importance of non-verbal communication.

Here are the sections you will work through. All are of great importance and in particular ‘Detective Work in section 5’.


Work through the sections in order, starting with Introduction.

There are also references and a glossary, which you will find within each module.

I certainly hope you enjoy this whether as a refresher course or to gain understanding for the first time.





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