Hey everyone it’s that time of the year again. Dignity Awareness Day is on the !st Feb 2018 and I would love to hear what you have planned.

This past year has been quite a challenging one for myself but being ever positive , I have learned how important ACCEPTANCE is when faced with something that can change how you approach life in general.

There has been hypothyroidism, head scans and cataract ops to contend with. Wow! What an eye opener! (Pardon the pun!) All have been faced head on with the attitude of ‘ ok, lets get all of this  dealt with…step by step.’

Cataract is sorted. Head scan..revealed nothing there (stop laughing) and as for the hypothyroidism, well, that will be ongoing. Manageable? yes. Frustrating? Absolutely, but hey ho, life continues.

One of the main symptons that has hit me hard is my speech. Let’s just say that this chatty girl will suddenly stop mid conversation. Vocally, the words aren’t there and everything is blank! it’s very strange, I can’t even do a mental search for what I would like to say, it just isn’t there. However, on the plus side, it gives everyone else a chance to say what they need to!lol.

With all this happening, being able to keep in touch via social media has been a God send. I can take my time and if need be , come back to a conversation once things have settled.

I have ACCEPTED the situation and as ever, being a practical sort, continue to find little solutions to get by.

For Dignity Awareness Day this year I shall be reposting the 10 point dignity challenge over on  the facebook page and in addition I’m having a little ‘DIGNI TEA Party  which is being held here….

This is something I am very much looking forward to. You see, last year, among everything else going on, I decided to set up The Little Shop At Home. I’m a homely girl at heart and love tradition. It felt right to become part of ‘Kleeneze’! that;s right, it’s still around. For years, if I ever came across their catalogue, I would whizz through to see what they had in the way of living aids. Anything to make life a little easier.

So, I thought , why not have a little thing going on for #DAD2018? I shall be showing the helpful things for around the home but more importantly getting the message out about becoming a  Dignity Champion and just how important the day is.

Of course, you are invited too. Beginning on Friday26th January I shall be posting daily in this Elite Customer Group Louise and the little shop at home. Join the group and take part. Just one thing though…you’ll have to make your own tea and provide your own French Fancies or cake of choice!!!

Well, my fingers have been doing a lot of talking so I shall love and leave you. Until next time.xxx


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