PAM ~Patient Activation Measure in the NHS



On a personal note , I am a great believer in person centred care. Over recent years seeing the reablement approach being put in place within the community , it certainly allows time for the person requiring guidance, regaining confidence and understanding their own abilities, a ‘reasonable chance’ of managing their own situation the best that they can.

Of course, may be without realising it, you as a carer/worker, will probably be already doing this. each person you care for,is seen as an individual. What you do within each visit may well vary and being familiar with routine can be both good and not so good!

I only say this, because it can be easy to slip into a daily routine.  Consistency is good but so is instilling a’ lost confidence’. Just that ‘little’ something will be a huge boost.


Introducing PAM

What is it all about?

PAM ~Personal Activation Measure is about providing people with long-term conditions to be better supported in managing their own health and care needs.

As part of its Self Care Programme, NHS England has agreed a deal which will grant 2million people access to  more person centred care .

This is all down to an evidence-based tool over the next 5 years.


Local NHS organisations and their partners are being invited to apply for free access to patient activation licences, which will help them assess and build their patients’ knowledge, skills and confidence, empowering people to make decisions about their own health and care.



A 41 page read, but goes into the whys, wherefores and hows.

In summary-ish! it details what is aimed for the next five years. Well worth taking timeout to have a read and I feel of great importance to understand  it as fully as you can.


Why will the NHS need to change?

 What will the future look like?

A new relationship with patients and communities

Getting serious about prevention

Empowering patients

Engaging communities

What will the future look like

New models of care

Emerging models

One size fits all?

New care models

How we will support local co-design and implementation

How can we get there?

We will back diverse solutions and local leadership

We will create aligned national NHS leadership…

We will support a modern workforce

We will exploit the information revolution…

We will accelerate useful health innovation

We will drive efficiency and productive investment

…just a few of the areas covered. There are a number I have highlighted as once again, I support a persons empowerment of their own care and I certainly believe that those who carry out the care also need support and understanding.

The following links will take you straight to where you directly to the resources you will need to read up on to get a full insight of  PAM and the Five Year Forward review.






I would certainly like to hear what your thoughts are about this. In the mean time, thank you for al the care you give.
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