Bin it & Leave it !

Carers Coffee Pot want you to have somewhere to off load..’safely and securely’ into the ‘BIN’ !

This is for when things become ‘too much’. An overload of visits on your programme, frustration because you are not getting the feedback or support from work…these are just a few reasons to bin it & leave it.

Leave it here.  You certainly won’t be identified or connected to your comment.

There also won’t be any judgement from us.

If you would like to hear any suggestions from others on how to handlea situation,let us know. Very often, via social media, there can be a good peer response.Sometimes it can be enough that others can empathise.

Because of your caring, kindhearted nature, it can be too easy for some to take advantage of that part of you…and ask for more. Some days, you just haven’t got any more of you to give.

So, Bin it & Leave it, with us.You don’t have to carry it around on your own.x


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