What a week! How was it for you?

carers coffee pot


Last week saw plenty of rain and gales and I hope you all managed to struggle through. In fact I have no doubt that you did.

Without fail, you would’ve got ready ( not really wanting to go out in the cold) but I bet you still turned up in visit and smiled your way through.

A quality which quite can often go unnoticed. Running to your car , dodging the rain and having a quick warm up until you reach your next visit.

So, a HUGE thank you , for keeping going and ensuring the comfort of others.

As for me…. this week has seen the return of being unable to move, without whincing. Just as I think I can bend to get up , my body is telling me, ” no you don’t, this is as far as you can get’!! Yep, the ‘ole back is in quite a state!

Quite a few of you will already be aware that ‘my dear back’ has been in quite a state for a good many years now.

So, I have reverted to seperating myself from the discomfort and approaching it with love and tenderness. Allowing it to let me know how much discomfort it is in so I can nurture it back to manageability.

Of course , when this happens, the skills of having been a carer do come into play. Particularly in how to still be able to get things done. Making sure things are within reach. All these little things really do come in handy.

Dignity and pride play a big factor. I am old school and will always find a way of making sure I can get ready and then sleep the rest of the day because of the amount of painkillers I have had to have!!!


With lots of ‘ohhhs,ahhs,and ouches’ I know that each day will present a new challenge.

I shall now go and renew my hot waterbottle and try to shuffle into a comfy-ish position and convince myself I look as graceful as an actress on a chaise lounge from the golden era of Hollywood!!






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