Resources and Contacts

resourcesThis will always be an ongoing process with various contact added as I go along.

Some you may already be aware of.

Each provide invaluable information, guidance & support.

Hope it all comes in  handy for you at some point & if you come across other useful sites , by all means get in touch so I can add them.



The NHS Choices website, which contains online quality profiles of registered care

providers in local areas.
The NHS Choices website. Health A to Z, detailed information on specific health conditions
and how/where to access health services
Carers Direct – national telephone helpline: Tel 0300 123 1053
Money Advice Service
The Care Quality Commission website
Care and Support Statutory Guidance
The Local Government Ombudsman
Consumer websites providing people with information and advice, including on managing
their finances well, for example
National charities and/or advice services supporting people with disabilities or older
people and those with expert knowledge of specific conditions (e.g. deaf blind).


National charities and advice services for carers.
National resources related to housing, accommodation and housing related support.